August 22, 2012


Mayor and Council Members Present:  Mayor Brian Johnson, Council Members Dana Gardner, Pete Albrecht and Alan Anderton.

Appointed Officers and Employees Present:  Attorney Ron Elton, Clerk/Recorder Amie Russell, Treasurer Lacey Burrows and Fire Chief Kevin Russell.


1.Roll Call.   Mayor Brian Johnson, Council Members Dana Gardner, Pete Albrecht and Alan Anderton.  William Harding was excused.

2.Approval of Meeting Minutes for 07/25/12.  Dana Gardner made a motion to approve the minutes as written.  Pete Albrecht seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

3.Consideration of Bids for Water Improvement Project.  Dana Gardner recommended discussing the history of this item.  There was only one bid that followed was submitted.  There were three contractors interested and several called to get information.  The AE2 concept plan included an estimate for the project of approximately $75,000.00.  There was, however, more to this project than was originally anticipated.  A 500 gallon minimum pump and three phase power will be required.  It is estimated to cost $12,000.00 for Rocky Mountain Power to setup the required power.  With single phase we will still be in the same situation we are now taking three hours to fill a fire truck.  Mayor Johnson stated there is money set aside in the capital improvement fund to help out on this project.  It is quicker to drive to Stockton to fill a truck than to fill it in Rush Valley without an upgrade.  The cost for the below ground cement vault tank is estimated to be $10,000.00.  The contractor is willing to allow the town to purchase the major ticket items for this project to avoid sales tax.  Attorney Elton asked if the plans are specific enough for an accurate bid.  He also asked if a building permit will be required.  The pump will be in another vault.  The pump has to be below the draw.  Kevin Russell asked if there will be something in place to compensate for silt so it is filtered out.  This will cause problems in the fire trucks.  This will be looked into.  There will be a tee put in place to add another hydrant in other location in the future.  Kevin also asked about water accountability on the system.  Dana commented a meter could be installed if it is deemed necessary.  Ron Elton commented that Grantsville sells bulk water.  Mayor Johnson asked for possible volunteer help to remove the existing tanks.  There is an existing concrete pad for power. 
The town can purchase pipe and other raw materials.  There will be an estimated cost of $50,000.00 in materials.  This will help eliminate the need to bond.  Attorney Elton asked about obtaining rights of way to complete the project.  An issue of putting the tank on private property was also discussed.  It was determined that all components would be installed on Town property.  The Council discussed the possibility of cutting a hole in the existing baffle so the water would flow through.  The town council is not sure of the size of the existing line.  Questions asked were if the tank would have a float and a shut off and if there will be a fence around the service.  Kevin suggested placing bollards around the hydrant.  He also asked what brand of hydrant was going to be used.  He suggested a Waterus Hydrant.  They are easy to maintain without having to dig up.  Mayor Johnson stated he wants to have quality equipment installed on this project.  It was suggested to ask the contractor for a cost breakdown.  The town has had good experience working with the contractor in the past.  Kevin stated his support for the proposed project.  He said it will help with water availability issues and also will help the ISO Rating.  Pete Albrecht made a motion to approve the bid and authorize the Mayor and Dana to negotiate change orders as the Town sees fit to help reduce costs.  Alan Anderton seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

4.Consideration of Rush Valley Days Funding.  Dana reported on the budget for the upcoming Rush Valley Days.  He said the projected expenses were as follows:  Eric Dodge Band $2,300.00, Dinner Catering from Maceys $1,017.00, Gaming Trailer $600.00, Jumpin’ Joeys $256.00, Gift Certificate for Trap Shoot $150.00 and Raffle items $300.00.  Total $4,623.00.  Funding for Rush Valley Days was approved in the 2012-2013 Budget.

5.Declaration of Surplus Equipment – Fire Department.   The Fire Department wanted to dispose of a computer that had no value to the department.    It was suggested to disassemble and put in trash.  There is no sensitive information on it.  The Grey Truck is also does not have any value to the department and will cost money to put back in service.  The department doesn’t want to spend money to put it back in service.  However, they would like to get something out of it.  Everything should be sold with the exception of the light bar.  It was suggested to advertise the sale on the Town Website and also on KSL with a deadline and award to the highest bidder.  Bid will be announced at the September meeting.  Pete Albrecht made a motion to declare these items as surplus and to dispose of said equipment as discussed.  Alan Anderton seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

6.Consideration to Purchase combustible gas leak detectors for Fire Department.   It was proposed to purchase two Multigas Detectors.  Cost is $389.90 plus shipping and handling.  Dana Gardner made a motion to approve up to $425.00 to purchase the detectors.  Pete Albrecht seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

7.Consideration to purchase portable stage.  Dana Gardner stated the town has rented a stage from Dugway in the past.  He would like to purchase a stage that is easy to assemble.  A 12 foot x 16 foot stage from Stage Depot will cost $3,874.00.  According to the town’s procurement policy, any purchases over $2,500.00 will require a legal notice in the paper to solicit bids.  Dana would like to have the stage for Rush Valley Days.  This item will be tabled.  Mayor Johnson will research renting a stage from another source.

8.Consideration of landscape work and gravel at Fire Station.  Pete Albrecht suggested placing placards in the Town to honor past chiefs.  He also discussed excavating, placing a weed barrier and putting gravel in the front area of the fire station.  It was discussed to use the town dump truck to haul the gravel.  The department would like to have this completed before Rush Valley Days.  The decision of placards or a monument can be decided at a later time.  The department is asking for volunteers to help.  In the future curbing or fencing may be necessary.  Mayor Johnson made a motion authorizing the fire department to spend up to $1,000.00 for landscape/gravel improvement to be paid from the Town general fund.  Dana Gardner seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

9.Safety Topic.  The Council and employees were reminded to keep hydrated during activities this time of year even though the temperatures are a little cooler.

10.Fire Department Report.  There was a cleanup at the fire station on August 4th.  Kevin Russell, Pete Albrecht, Neal Dymock and Jesse Gillins helped cleanup and organize items at the station.  Alan Anderton helped with disposing of trash.  Pete thanked those attending the meetings.  The meetings have a purpose and direction.  There are 3 to 6 volunteers responding to callouts.  There have been 5 to 13 volunteers attending the meetings.  Kevin Russell is working with Stockton, Vernon and Terra to have an appreciation BBQ for department volunteers.  The BBQ is scheduled for Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 6:00 p.m.  The volunteers will be presented with a thank you gift.  There were 23 items purchased.  Rush Valley purchased the items and will send invoices to the other departments for the cost of the gifts for their volunteers. Payments are expected from Vernon $175.62, Terra $183.58, and Stockton $223.98.  Tooele County Fire Association will be asked to pay for Terra’s invoice.  The South Fire Departments need recognition as well and the Tooele Transcript Bulletin will be invited to attend this event.  It is estimated that 150 people will attend.  Town mayors, volunteers and their families are invited.  Mayor Johnson suggested renting the BBQ trailer from MWR in Dugway to cook the hamburgers.  Dana Gardner stated he can get more information on renting the BBQ trailer.  Mayor Johnson stated a little thank you goes a long way.  He appreciates the efforts of the fire department.  Dana Gardner commented he will get a name and phone number to Kevin to get information on replacing the sign on the west side of the station.

11.Council Reports:

Cemetery:  Alan stated he had nothing to report.

Pete Albrecht:  Pete stated he had nothing more to report.

Roads:  William was excused from the meeting.

Parks:  Dana reported weeds around the station, town hall and the ball field have been sprayed.  Sterilant was also put down at the St. John Park.  He also stated he was grateful for everyone who helps to make the town better.

Mayor Johnson reported the August Planning and Zoning Meeting was cancelled due to no agenda items so the proposed road ordinance wasn’t reviewed.

12.Payment of Bills.   The fire chief can use his purchasing card for items for the BBQ.  Pete Albrecht made a motion to pay the bills as written and to include payments for Rush Valley Days and the Fire Department BBQ as discussed.  Alan Anderton seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

13.Public Comments.  No public comments were offered.

14.Adjourn:  Alan Anderton made a motion to adjourn.  Dana Gardner seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor, the motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Amie Russell
Town clerk/recorder