February 22, 2012


Mayor and Council Members Present: Mayor Brian Johnson; Council Members Dana Gardner, Pete Albrecht, Alan Anderton and William Harding.

Appointed Officers and Employees Present:  Attorney Ron Elton, Clerk/Recorder Amie Russell and Treasurer Lacey Burrows.


1.Roll Call.   Mayor Brian Johnson, Council Members Dana Gardner, Pete Albrecht, Alan Anderton and William Harding.

2.Approval of Meeting Minutes for 02/22/12.   Dana Gardner made a motion to approve the minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on January 25, 2012.  Alan Anderton seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

3.Consideration of Town Attorney Agreement.  Attorney Elton stated in the past he was appointed to act only as the town attorney, not as a prosecutor.  He presented the council members with a copy of a proposed agreement.  He also commented if there are other civil matters to be handled it will be on a case by case basis.  If there are any big litigation cases they may consume more time.  Dana Gardner made a motion to appoint Ron Elton as the Attorney for the Town of Rush Valley and to accept the agreement as written.  William Harding seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried. 

4.Review of Town Ordinances regarding the requirement to improve Town Roads for building permits and developments.  Ordinances 2002-05 and 2002-06 were discussed.  Attorney Elton stated the requirements as stated in these ordinances.  Section 15.3.6 of the Land Use Management Code was also discussed.  The road on Johnson Lane was discussed.  The road was paved to the last existing house.  There are now houses past the paved road.  The county put down roto mills.  The Mayor discussed Arellano Lane.  He said the county owns half of the road and the town owns the other half.  This road gets used more than it is maintained for.  Safety is a big concern and the town’s budget isn’t big enough to pave all town roads. It was asked that copies of Ordinances 2002-05 and 2002-06 and Section 15.6.3 be provided to the council members and the Mayor made a motion to table this item and discuss it at the March Town Council Meeting.  William Harding seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor. 

5.Safety Topic.  Nickie Anderton was asked to discuss the importance of wearing seat belts.  She told council members there have been several accidents this past week and seatbelts were not being worn.  It is very important to wear seatbelts anytime you are in a vehicle.

6.Consideration of Emergency Response Vehicle.   Pete Albrecht presented to council members information on UDOT surplus vehicles.  UDOT will list the vehicles and then discount them.  Copies of information on vehicles he researched were distributed to council members.  Pete stated he hadn’t had an opportunity to discuss the specific needs for an emergency response vehicle with acting Fire Chief Alan Anderton.  Pete estimated a vehicle would cost about $8,500.00.  It could be considered a single source purchase since it would be purchased used from the State of Utah.  William Harding made a motion to authorize up to $8,500.00 for a single source purchase from the State of Utah for a first response vehicle.  Alan Anderton seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried. 

7.Fire Department Report.  Acting Chief Anderton reported there were no fires this past month.  He said the department had responded to other calls.  There is one volunteer firefighter going to Fire I & II Training with the North Tooele County Fire Department.  This training was offered to everyone.  The Mayor thanked Alan and Pete for their efforts.  Alan also thanked Pete for his help with the department.

8.  Council Reports:

Cemetery:  Alan reported the garbage cans have been taken.  He asked that the public watch out for them and encouraged everyone to leave them alone.

Pete Albrecht:  He is continuing to search for a Fire Chief to serve the community.  He appreciates those responding to fires and accidents.  It was mentioned the Tooele County Emergency Management (TCEM) awarded a grant for Homeland Security of about $5,500.00 to the fire department to purchase needed equipment.  It is believed the town will purchase the items recommended by Jerrod Pierce and Kevin Russell and TCEM will reimburse the town for the purchases.

Roads:  William Harding reported there hasn’t been much going on in regards to the roads.  The Mayor expressed appreciation to William and Bill Bradbury for their efforts.

Parks:  Dana Gardner reported the town hall has been used a lot the past month.  The town Easter Egg Hunt will be held Saturday, March 31 at 10:00 a.m.  Rush Valley Days will be held on September 1, 2012.  He plans on having Eric Dodge come again as the entertainment and also to have a dinner.  He welcomed any suggestions from the council on activities for Rush Valley Days.

Mayor Johnson reported he is on the April agenda for the Rush Valley Water Conservation District to present the Town’s water project proposal designed by AE2.   This project will help with water conservation and also fire support.  He also reported there was a proposal presented to the Tooele County Planning Commission to change zoning from MU40 to A20 south of Johnson Lane in the  County.  The Mayor went to the meeting to represent the town.  The County Planning Commission recommended against the down zone and the County Commission also denied the request.   He said they are honoring the zoning that the town has in place in areas of limited access and outer buffer zone which is a 40 acre zone.  The past issue of water availability that was addressed  by the State Engineer for the proposed fifteen homes on 80 acres was discussed with the planning commission, which at that time the State Engineer stated that they would allow well permits for the current zoning of 40 acres.  Mayor Johnson also stated Ed Johnson was voted in as Chairman for the Town’s Planning Commission with Blaine Russell as the Vice Chairman.

9.Payment of Bills.   Dana Gardner made a motion to pay the bills as presented and to add a payment of $60.00 to Pete Albrecht for January council member $10.00 and February council member $50.00.  William Harding seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

10.Public Comments.  Teresa Neil stated the slow children at play sign on Russell Lane had been knocked down.  It was on the North end of this street, closer to Highway 199. 

Howard Arthur asked about the St. John Subdivision that was approved by the Town prior to 1976.  He asked if the town was responsible to improve the roads which were designated in the subdivision.  Attorney Elton stated there were no subdivision regulations established in the town until 1978 and the Town has no obligation to improve these roads.  The current regulations require developers to improve related roads and to provide for public safety.

Robert Hicks stated due to the property lines on the property on Johnson Lane he cannot dedicate roads.  He also asked questions regarding maintenance of roads.  Mr. Hicks was told these issues will be resolved with the planning commission at the time his subdivision application is submitted. 

11.Adjourn:  Alan Anderton made a motion to adjourn.  William Harding seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor, the motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 8:14 p.m.

Amie Russell
Town clerk/recorder