Juy 25, 2012


Mayor and Council Members Present:  Mayor Brian Johnson, Council Members Dana Gardner, Pete Albrecht, Alan Anderton and William Harding.

Appointed Officers and Employees Present:  Attorney Ron Elton, Clerk/Recorder Amie Russell, Treasurer Lacey Burrows and Fire Chief Kevin Russell.


1.Roll Call.   Mayor Brian Johnson, Council Members Dana Gardner, Pete Albrecht, Alan Anderton and William Harding.

2.Approval of Meeting Minutes for 06/19/12.  Mayor Johnson commented on paragraph 3 in the proposed minutes and confirmed that the state is holding money for distribution of Sales and Use Tax related to a business that may not be in the Town limits.  Revenues from this source had been included in the current budget.   Dana Gardner made a motion to approve the minutes as written.  Alan Anderton seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

3.Consideration of Bids for Town Hall Improvements.  There was one bid received for Town Hall Improvements.  A grant was also received for a portion of this work.  Mayor Johnson and Dana Gardner met with two contractors to discuss what the bids would entail.  LeGrand Jensen Construction bid $9,011.88 for the demolition and $7,206.00 for the build.  The total bid was $16,217.88.  Attorney Elton discussed the issues related to a performance bond, which is recommended to ensure the subcontractors and material supplies are paid.  The Council discussed the costs to the Town associated with a bond and the previous experience the Town had with the contractor.  Pete Albrecht suggested the Town not obtain a bond and consider obtaining lien waivers.  Dana Gardner commented the contractor has performed work for the Town in the past.  The project will cost the Town $6,217.88 and the Town will also use the $10,000.00 grant money.  Alan Anderton made a motion to accept the bid as written.  William Harding seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.  There will not be a bond, but the Town will attempt to obtain lien waivers if the staff can accommodate the process.

4.Consideration of Bids for the Water Improvement Project.  There were no bids received for this project.  LeGrand Jensen Construction is also interested in bidding this project, but it wanted more information.  The contractor is working on putting together a specific bid package.  Major Johnson and Dana Gardner met with interested contractors.  It was suggested re-noticing this project, and including an addendum to increase the size of the water storage.  Dana Gardner mentioned that the Town did receive a $12,000.00 grant to be used toward this project.  Dana Gardner made a motion to publish a notice to extend the bid solicitation until August 21, 2012 to include the addendums to the original notice including a 10,000 gallon water storage reservoir.   Alan Anderton seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

5.Consideration of SOP’s for Fire Department.  Pete Albrecht made a motion to accept three proposed Standard Operating Procedures proposed by the Fire Chief for operation of the Fire Department.  The SOP’s are General Conduct RVFD SOP-3, Position on Safety RVFD SOP-4 and Chain of Command RVFD SOP-6.  These SOP’s give specifics on how things should operate within the fire department.  Kevin Russell stated the bylaws are still in place.  Mayor Johnson seconded the motion to approve the SOP’s as written.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

6.Consideration to Purchase repair parts for tractor mower.  William Harding reported the street mower is in need of repairs.  The bearings and hammers need to be repaired or replaced.  This mower was purchased in 2005.  John Deere quoted over $2,000.00 for the parts.  William stated he will try to purchase parts locally if possible.  Dana Gardner made a motion to authorize William up to $2,500.00 to purchase repair parts.  Alan Anderton seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

7.Consideration for Town donation to Tooele County Junior Livestock Show.  Attorney Elton commented that the Town could legally make donations, but the amount would need to be included in the adopted budget or the Town would need to conduct a feasibility study and hold a public hearing before it could allocate Town funds for a donation.  Another option is for the Town to pay the group for work performed within the Town.  The matter was tabled.

8.Consideration to purchase trench baiter for Parks Department.    Dana Gardner reported there are voles and gophers in the field west of the Town Hall and they are now moving into the grass area.  He discussed how a trench baiter works and buries bait approximately 8 inches below the surface.  It was discussed to purchase a used baiter and that it could possibly be rented out to Town residents.  The bait is controlled and regulated.  William Harding made a motion to approve the purchase of a used bait trencher for $900.00.  Pete Albrecht seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried. 

9.Safety Topic.  Alan Anderton presented the safety topic on what should be done when involved in an accident.  Some recommendations were:  Turn the flashers on your car, call 911 and stay on the line with the operator, check the victims, keep a level head while giving assistance, write down names and insurance information, show license and registration information if required, get information from witnesses, complete an accident report and notify your supervisor if necessary.

10.Safety Topic.  The Safety Topic was listed twice on the agenda and no further action was taken on this item.

11.Fire Department Report.  Councilman Albrecht and Fire Chief Kevin Russell presented the report.  It was stated that there were many medical and fire calls this past month.  The support from volunteers is appreciated.  Training is scheduled for the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month.  There were no issues with fireworks.  The burning/fireworks ban is in effect until July 27th.  There were six radios which were turned off that weren’t being used.  The Fire Chief also requested that two radios be removed from the Town’s invoices.  These radios are being used on the ambulance.  Tooele County Emergency Management will send the Town a new invoice reflecting these changes.   There were two fires after the rodeo.  It was suggested drafting an ordinance stating the requirements for fire pits.  The texting and paging systems for the fire department have been set up.  The ER System has been purchased and is being utilized.  Neal Dymock is the Assistant Fire Chief and Jesse Gillins is the Intern Assistant.  The plumbing has also been completed at the fire station.  William Harding was asked if the fire department could use the dump truck.  The sign on the East side of the fire station needs to be repaired or replaced.  Dana Gardner commented he has contact information if the department wants to seek bids to repair the sign.   BLM Fires – Mayor Johnson commented that he appreciated the volunteers and wanted to make sure there wasn’t any tension or hard feelings.  He also commented that the upper Clover Irrigation Company will try to hold the level at their pond so if water is needed for fire suppression, that it can be used by helicopters.  He said any water used for fire suppression was replaced.  The Mayor thanked Pete and Kevin for their efforts.  Pete also thanked the citizens of the community.

12.Council Reports:

Cemetery:  Alan stated he is going to mow the St. John Cemetery and will be trimming the trees in the Clover Cemetery.

Pete Albrecht:  Pete stated he had nothing more to report.

Roads:  William stated he had nothing more to report.

Parks:  Dana reported he has been working on getting pest control done for spiders and also weed control.  He is finalizing plans for Rush Valley Days which will be held September 1st.  Alan asked when the Town was going to start working on the park in St. John.  The Council discussed that the St. Johns Park was too big to maintain the way it is laid out.  Mayor Johnson suggested revamping the area.  It needs to be made safer and improved.   Dana commented he has submitted proposals five times to receive grants to improve this park.  He said the Town hasn’t been awarded grants for this project.  Dana suggested getting a new piece of playground equipment.  It could cost up to $30,000.00 for new equipment.

13.Payment of Bills.   William Harding made a motion to pay the bills as presented.    Alan Anderton seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

14.Public Comments.  Teresa Neil, 215 South Russell Lane, was present at the meeting.  She stated she had received a letter from Attorney Elton regarding stray goats on her property and her option to file a small claims lawsuit for damages.  She expressed appreciation for his response.  She has also contacted Tooele County Sheriff’s Office regarding the ongoing problem with her neighbor’s goats.  The Sheriff’s office commented they will not respond without the permission of the Mayor.  She asked the council what her rights were as a property owner.  It was stated that the Town has not regulated stray livestock.  There is a state law, which regulates strays, but typically municipalities don’t enforce this. 

15.Adjourn:  William Harding made a motion to adjourn.  Pete Albrecht seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor, the motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 8:02 p.m.

Amie Russell
Town clerk/recorder