October 24, 2012


Mayor and Council Members Present:  Council Members Dana Gardner, William Harding, Alan Anderton and Pete Albrecht.

Appointed Officers and Employees Present:  Attorney Ron Elton, Clerk/Recorder Amie Russell and Fire Chief Kevin Russell.

A motion was made by William Harding that Dana Gardner be appointed Mayor Pro Tem in the absence of Mayor Johnson.  Alan Anderton seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

1.Roll Call.    Council Members Dana Gardner, William Harding and Alan Anderton.  Mayor Johnson and Pete Albrecht were excused.

2.Approval of Meeting Minutes for 09/26/12.  Alan Anderton made a motion to approve the minutes as written.  William Harding seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

3.Consideration of bids to have pest and weed control performed once or twice yearly by certified person.  Dana Gardner stated only one bid was received from Ant’s Pest Control.  The bid was to fertilize grass areas and apply weed control quarterly and also to provide pest and insect control.  Dana proposed that fertilization of grass areas, weed control and pest control be done only twice year to reduce costs.  The pest control should come from the General Fund.  This will reduce the contract to $2,800.00 if agreed upon by Ant’s Pest Control.  William Harding asked if pest/insect control can be done in the well. Dana responded that it should be able to be included.  William Harding made a motion to accept the bid with the recommendations to reduce services as suggested by Dana for a total contract amount of $2,800.00.  Alan Anderton seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

4.Consideration to solicit bids for yearly budget review.  Attorney Elton read what the requirements are for the budget review.  The selection should be by competitive bid to comply with the town’s purchasing policy.  The contract should also be reviewed after a 3 to 5 year period.  It was also recommended to have this service completed by different auditors after the 3 to 5 year period.  The recommendation is to have Ulrich and Associates complete the audit this year, have them present the results to the town council meeting and in 2013 solicit bids for this service.

Pete Albrecht arrived at 7:11 p.m.

Dana Gardner made a motion based on the recommendations of Attorney Elton to have Ulrich and Associates complete the current year audit with a personal report being presented to the Town Council and to solicit bids in 2013 for this service.  William Harding seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

5.Declaration of surplus equipment.  Dana Gardner stated the town has 3 each, 1,500 gallon poly storage tanks and 2 each, stainless steel storage tanks that are surplus.  William Harding made a motion to declare these items as surplus and to solicit bids for these items.  The bids will be opened at the November meeting.  Alan Anderton seconded the motion.  Notices will be placed in three locations and also on the town website.

6.Utah National Guard Presentation – Community Covenant Program.  Attorney Elton stated he has heard the presentation by the National Guard.  This program is to obtain community support for those individuals currently serving and those who have served in the past.  This will be presented as a resolution to the town council at the next meeting.  On the second page the commitments are listed.  There was no objection by the town council to place this on the November agenda for formal consideration.  

7.Safety Topic.  Dana Gardner presented the topic of Halloween Safety.  He suggested that persons carry a portable light source, add reflective tape to costumes and make sure costumes are the proper length and adequately warm.  Participants should apply makeup instead of wearing masks.  Walk from house to house, only going to known residents, and avoid running between parked cars, though yards and streets.  Adults should check candy before children consume it. 

8.Fire Department Report.    Pete Albrecht thanked those who organized and participated in the Recognition BBQ held September 29th.  It was a great success.  A Fire Fighter I Class will start November 12th.  It will be held Monday, Tuesday and every other Saturday.  He also thanked those who go on calls.  It was mentioned the Town Council needs to help get more volunteers.

9.Council Reports:

Cemetery:  Alan reported one cemetery burial as the result of the death of Jay Sagers.  He also mentioned he would like to do something for Dennis Sagers for the services that he has provided at the cemetery. Dennis doesn’t want to be paid for his services.  Alan suggested providing grave sites for services rendered.   This will be added as an agenda item in the future.

Pete Albrecht:  Pete stated he had nothing additional to report.  Kevin Russell discussed the proposed MOU between the Bureau of Land Management and State Lands and Forestry.  Other chiefs in the county are not signing this agreement.  Pete discussed some of the concerns regarding this agreement.  It is beyond the towns’ budget to replace vehicles, tires or other parts that may be damaged during responses to support this MOU requirement.  Kevin, Pete and Mayor Johnson all agree it is not in the best interest of the town to sign this agreement.  Alan Anderton, Dana Gardner and William Harding expressed their agreement with the Mayor, Pete and Kevin and this item will not be put on the agenda for consideration.

Roads:  William stated he had nothing to report.

Parks:  Dana reported the new water storage tanks, pipe and power have been completed.  They are waiting on the pump.  Kevin Russell asked about installing bollards to protect these items.  Dana believes they will be installed.  Kevin also commented he could flow test the system when it is complete.  Dana also reported the renovations to the Town Hall were completed.  The outdoor rest rooms by the pavilion have been winterized and are closed for the winter.

10.Payment of Bills.   William Harding had a question on the duracrete purchase.  This is the holding tank for the water project.  William Harding made a motion to pay the bills as presented.  Alan Anderton seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

11.  Public Comments.  Lacey Burrows commented on Tooele County’s proposed canceling of the bookmobile service.  She would like the community to band together try to stop this proposal.  If residents in Rush Valley want to go to the Tooele Library they will have to pay for that service.  She feels this is a huge injustice to the smaller communities.  She asked for suggestions on how to address this issue.  Attorney Elton stated Mayor Johnson can go the County Commission Meeting on behalf of the residents.  Lacy commented she has called the county commissioners, but her calls have not been returned.

Kevin Russell asked if the council had any contact information regarding hydrants being installed in Big Hollow.

12.Adjourn:  Alan Anderton made a motion to adjourn.  William Harding seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor, the motion carried and the meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

Amie Russell
Toen clerk/recorder