July 23, 2014


Mayor and Council Members Present:  Mayor Brian Johnson, Council Members, Dana Gardner, Pete Albrecht and Alan Anderton

Appointed Officers and Employees Present:  Attorney Joel Linares and Treasurer Lacey Burrows


1.  Roll Call.  Mayor Brian Johnson, Council Members Dana Gardner and Pete Albrecht.  William Harding, Amie Russell and Chief Kevin Russell were excused.

2.  Approval of meeting minutes for 06/17/14 and special meeting minutes for 07/08/14.  Dana Gardner made a motion to approve the meeting minutes for 06/17/14 and also the special meeting minutes for 07/08/14.  Mayor Johnson seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

3.  Consideration of Bids for Parks Department Shed.  There were seven bids received for the shed.  Legrand Jensen Inc. bid $14,985.00 all labor and materials included or $7,505.00 labor only if a kit is purchased.  A-Shed bid $13,650.00 as the base price for the shed for paint add $1,293.00 or if vinyl is wanted add $3,490.00.  Stalwart bid $41,250.00 with and optional addition of $3,950.00 for footings.  Sutherlands bid $7,578.00 for the kit only.  Home Depot (Tuff Shed Garage Kit)  bid $16,040.00 included with the bid is paint.  If vinyl is wanted it is an additional cost. ACIERTO LLC (Joe Matthews) bid $57,600.00.  South Mountain Builders bid $40,625.00 with an additional $3,500.00 for footings.

Alan Anderton arrived at the meeting. 

The council discussed the bids and eliminated the highest bids.  They discussed the remaining bids.  Pete made a motion to accept the bid from LeGrand Jensen for $14,985.00.  Alan Anderton seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.
4.  Consideration of Bids for Sprinkler System and Water Line.  There were three bids received. Arrow Engineering bid $9,975.00 for the water line and $3,500.00 for the irrigation system.  These bids are to do both projects if they are done at the same time.  England Construction bid $19,825.00 for the water line only.  LeGrand Jensen bid $1,800.00 for 2” pipe and valves and $5,480.00 for the sprinklers and 1” water line from well to town hall. The total bid is $2,540.00.  Rat’s Excavating bid $4,815.00 for the sprinkler system only.  ACIERTO LLC (Joe Matthews) bid $79,500.00 for the water line and $65,000.00 for the sprinkler system.  Alan Anderton made the motion to accept the bid from LeGrand Jensen for $9,820.00.  Pete Albrecht seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried. 

5.  Consideration of Purchase of Thermal Imaging Camera.  Pete Albrecht commented about circumstances the fire department experienced during the Nielsen fire and a floor eventually fell.   There have been many discussions about what the department can do to ensure safety and also to be able to detect where a fire/heat source is located and if there are any people within the structure. The department is proposing the purchase of a thermal imaging camera.  The department has received two email quotes.  This is the only high ticket item the department intends on purchasing this year.  Ross Equipment quoted $6,675.00 and Apparatus Equipment quoted $5,790.00.  Dana asked is it can detect fires in attics and walls.  Pete responded it can and he also commented that when responding on fires it will allow fire department members to locate people that may be in the structure.  Mayor Johnson asked if this can be made as an emergency purchase.  It was confirmed by Attorney Linares that it can.  Pete recognizes that this a large purchase from their budget and they are also considering future costs of fuel, purchase of boots and also the payment on the new apparatus.  The mayor commented he wants the department equipped as best as it can because we have very limited resources such as water and manpower.  If something can be purchased to make the jobs of the volunteers easier and also provide a service to the taxpayers of Rush Valley it is beneficial.  This tool can possibly make the difference between life and death and complete destruction.  Mayor Johnson made a motion to accept Apparatus Equipment quote for $5,790.00 for the thermal imaging camera.  Alan Anderton seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

6.  Council Reports.

Roads –  William Harding was excused from the meeting.

Parks -  Dana commented he is getting everything finalized for Rush Valley Days and expressed appreciation for the committee and their help.  He has also been busy making calls to get the bids for the park shed, water line and sprinkler system.  He had some work done at the town hall getting some electrical outlets installed.  Mayor Johnson commented it sounds like Rush Valley Days will be great this year.  Dana also commented he will need help setting up the stage.

Cemetery –  Alan Anderton commented he is doing ok with the grass and the weeks at the cemeteries.

Pete Albrecht – Pete thanked everyone for their support at the rodeo.  He recognizes there was a lot of excitement with injuries, but we are always striving to work better as a team and he thanked those who were there to help.  There have been a lot of lightning strike fires and he appreciates those who take the time to come out and help and those who stay in town in case they are needed in an emergency situation.  Pete also reminded everyone how dry it is and with the upcoming holiday to be safe especially with firework use.

Mayor Johnson -  No additional comments were offered.

7.  Safety Topic.  Dana Gardner presented the safety topic on eye protection from the sun.  Many people are out in the sun all day without protection.  This can cause problems later on.  It is also important for children to wear eye protection even on cloudy days.  When skiing and also when participating water sports it is important to protect your eyes.  It is also important to use sunscreen.

8.  Payment of Bills.  Dana Gardner commented he needs to add a few items to the payment of the bills.  He asked that Kris Burrows be paid $350.00 for electrical work and to seal holes in the attic.  Buck Wild is requesting a deposit of $288.00 for the mechanical bull for Rush Valley Days.  Mayor Johnson requested the payment made to Utah Valley University be paid from the general fund.  Alan Anderton made a motion to pay the bills with the additions requested by Dana Gardner.  Pete Albrecht seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

9.  Public Comments.  No public comments were offered.

10.  Adjourn.  Alan Anderton made a motion to adjourn.  Pete Albrecht seconded the motion.  All present voted in favor and the motion carried.

Amie Russell
Town clerk/recorder