15.4.1  Application.
15.4.2  Approval Process.
15.4.3  Phase Development.
15.4.4  Concept Plan Application.
15.4.5  Preliminary Plat and Infrastructure Design Application.
15.4.6  Utility and Agency Response.
15.4.7  Final Plat Stage Application.
15.4.8  Appeals.

15.4.1.  Application.

   A major subdivision is a division of land into seven or more lots. A major subdivision of  more than 25 lots shall be phased for development.  Infrastructure and public facilities shall be dedicated as a part of the subdivision process.

15.4.2.  Approval process.

   (1) A major subdivision shall be processed in three stages:

       (a) the concept stage, which will go to a planning commission public hearing where the planning commission shall take public comment, discuss and review the application and then make a recommendation on the application.  The application shall then be forwarded to the town council which will consider the concept application after conducting a public hearing; 

       (b) the preliminary plat, infrastructure and design drawings, after which the application will be placed on the planning commission public meeting agenda for a decision to approve or deny.  The planning commission shall also conduct a public hearing regarding a preliminary plat for a multiple unit residential, commercial or industrial development prior to approving the same.  

       (c) the final plat, which will be placed on the planning commission public meeting agenda where it shall make a recommendation to the town council. Should the planning commission’s decision be to recommend approval of the plat, the chair then shall sign the plat.

       (d) The town council shall review the plat at a public meeting where it can approve or deny the plat.  If approved, the plat shall be recorded within ninety days or it shall be void.  (Ref UCA §10-9a-103,10-9a-207, 10-9a-603, 10-9a-604)

15.4.3.  Phase development.

   (1) The preliminary and final platting of subdivisions containing more than 25 lots shall be done in phases, except as provided in Subsection (3).  Development shall be performed so that the phases will be contiguous and the required improvements will be continuous.

   (2) When off-site improvements are complete and approved by the town engineer, and the lots are 70 percent sold, the subdivider may submit the next phase for final plat approval.

   (3) A preliminary and final plat including more than 25 lots will be accepted only upon the submission of evidence indicating that the market absorption rate is such, and the financial ability of the subdivider is such that the off-site improvements for all lots in the final plat will be completed within two years.

   (4) Where it is prudent to engineer road or utility lines that extend into the next phase, such work may be done if shown in the prior phase.