15.6.1.        Application.
15.6.2.        Lots.
15.6.3.        Streets.
15.6.4.        Frontage on arterial and collector roads.
15.6.5.        Sidewalks, curbs and gutters.
15.6.6.        Blocks.
15.6.7.        Monuments.
15.6.8.        Easements.
15.6.9.        Utilities to be underground.
15.6.10.      Sewer systems.
15.6.11.      Sanitary sewer mains, laterals, and house connections — Future.
15.6.12.      Water supply.
15.6.13.      Storm drainage and flood plains.

15.6.1.  Application.

   (1) All subdivisions shall comply with the design standards set forth in this Chapter.

   (2) The design and development of subdivisions shall preserve insofar as possible the natural terrain, natural drainage, existing topsoil, and trees.

   (3) Land subject to hazardous conditions such as slides, mud flow, rock falls, snow avalanches, possible mine subsidence, shallow water table, open quarries, floods and polluted or non-potable water supply shall not be subdivided until the hazards have been eliminated or will be eliminated by the construction of the subdivision.

15.6.2.  Lots.

   (1) No single lot shall be divided by a municipal, or county boundary line.

   (2) A lot shall not be divided by a street or another lot.

   (3) The frontage of a wedge-shaped lot shall not be less than 30 feet in width.

   (4) Side lot lines shall be at substantially right angles or radial to road lines.

   (5) All lots shall front on a publicly dedicated street or private roads approved by the planning commission.

   (6) Unless approved under the provisions of a planned unit development, all lots shall conform to area requirements of the existing zoning district.

   (7)  If the subdivision is located in an area with fire hydrants, the fire hydrants shall be installed and at operational pressure before construction on a structure proceeds beyond footings and foundation.

15.6.4.  Frontage on arterial and collector streets.

   No residential dwelling lots shall directly access arterial or major collector streets.  Subdivision design shall provide local access streets to lots along arterial and major collector streets.

15.6.5.  Sidewalks, curbs and gutters.

   (1) Sidewalks, curbs and gutters shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of the zoning district or the planning commission.