Town of Rush Valley
Planning and Zoning Members
Public Hearing:

Planning and Zoning minutes available:
Planning and zoning committee scheduled meetings are on the 1st Wednesday of the month when there is an agenda.
All requests to be on the agenda must be submitted to the chairman, town clerk or any of the
planning and zoning members  by
Tuesday by 2:00 PM one week before the scheduled meeting.

The Town of Rush Valley encourages and extends a warm welcome to all those who would like to visit, join and/or participate in our town meetings. 

                                                                Chairman    Vice Chairman
             Jeff Neil                                            Blaine Russell

  Committee Members:

  Scott Hawkins    -
                                                                                   David Smith        -                
                                      Carl Wall               -

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***In compliance with the Americans with Disability Act,
the Town of Rush Valley will accommodate reasonable requests
to assist persons with disabilities to participate in meetings. 
Requests for assistance may be made by calling Patty Rowe at                   least 3 days in advance of a meeting.
Town Clerk
Patty Rowe -
FAX: (435)830-2161
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